Every now and again I start blogging. I share my thoughts, feelings, opinions, with the almost subconscious desire that someone might read my ramblings and find something valuable. I don’t do this often; I tend to write a few posts, get sick of it and stop for a few months, then write a few posts, stop for a few months, and the cycle continues. It’s odd, really. Why do I continue coming back to the old WordPress site and write?

It’s not that I’m wanting to log my feelings like a journal I hope to one day pass down to my grandchildren. “Oh, Billy,” because all grandsons are Billy, “I want you to take this blog so you can know what your old grand-pappy was like in his youngin’ days.”

It’s not like I have some legacy to leave behind, or some wealth of knowledge that isn’t already out there; I don’t even know if my perspective is unique enough for anyone to give a shit.

Fact is, blogging is like any other creative outlet for me. It’s therapeutic, in a way. It’s an opportunity to directly express the thoughts and feelings I have at any given moment.

In the past, I’ve blogged tutorials, and I’d do so when I learned something. Other times, I’ve blogged about religion, my political views, my opinions, and other very personal things. Not really in the hopes that someone would even read it; in fact, I know the chances of someone seeing what I write are slim.

But, still, blogging allows me to express myself. And that’s precisely why you should start your own blog. Everyone has a unique story to tell. Everyone has those moments in the quiet when a massive flood of thoughts just poor over them and they just want to let it out. Blogging is perfect for that. It’s the same thing as having a private journal, but you now open the possibility for discussion; you invite someone into the madness that is your brain, and you get to see them react. And what you write may trigger a spark of inspiration in someone else.

It’s an interesting concept, and I encourage anyone and everyone to write. Even if no one reads.