Malwarebytes Website 2.0

Malwarebytes is very much a community driven brand. In its early years, it was funded via the cyber-security community and those who used its products to solve problems its competitors couldn’t. For several years, however, the Malwarebytes website showed the polar opposite. It was clean, clear, and nice, but very corporate. So we made a change.

We started with testing paid-search landing pages, and landing pages linked to by the Anti-Malware product. And we used many different designs. We did stock photography, comic-book style cartoons, and the style you see in these images to name a few. We threw all these design concepts against each other in multiple A/B tests and ultimately ended up picking a winner based off conversion rate from the page. We fine tuned its elements for weeks – buttons, fonts, messaging and all.

Not only did the new design increase conversion rate by 25%, we took steps to make SEO improvements. And we succeeded. The Malwarebytes website organic traffic increased substantially, maintaining a higher conversion rate. To this day, we still perform multiple optimization tests, and have used the new website design to increase annual revenue by millions of dollars.

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