As a photographer, Fanimecon 2017 was different than any other year for me. For one, it was the first year I had actually scheduled time with cosplayers ahead of time (some of which fell through – sorry to those who I didn’t get to shoot!)

On top of that, I took the fewest photos out of the three Fanime conventions I’ve been to. For a few reasons:

1. The density of photographers was probably the highest it has ever been, and the amount of space available to shoot was probably the most scarce it’s ever been; there simply wasn’t as much opportunity.

2. For the shots I DID take…I didn’t feel the need to take too many. The quality of the shots I took is greater than that of the past, meaning less sifting, less strenuous editing, and less time taken away from cosplayers (I sometimes feel bad, like I’m taking away from the cosplayer’s experience by asking them for photos; especially when they’ve been posing for some time with other photographers.)

All in all, though, I had a great time. I felt a bit more connected with the people I was photographing, met a lot of awesome new people, and got some great shots.

Big thanks to those I got to photograph, and an even bigger thanks to those who allocated a portion of their con to shooting with me exclusively. It means alot!

If you see a shot left uncredited, leave a comment on the photo! Send me their facebook/instagram/etc and I’ll be sure they’re credited and notified.