Well, I’m back from SacAnime 2015. This is my second con where I brought my camera and did some quick photography with some cosplayers, and I’m excited to share the photos with you all.

SacAnime was definitely unique compared to my past con experiences; I suppose as with any con, it has its pros and cons (no pun intended).

I loved the guest lineup. John DiMaggio, Billy West, the cast of the original power rangers, Maurice LaMarche, the list goes on. Getting to go to panels and see what are essentially the voices of my childhood in person is something I won’t forget.

The exhibit hall combines merch, artists alley, and autograph booths all in one area. I probably spent the majority of my time there, buying cool things, meeting childhood heroes, and admiring the art.

The vibe at SacAnime is totally different than I’m used to. I’m used to going to cons like FanimeCon, where the energy level is high, there’s a lot of open space, people doing shoots everywhere, lots of noise, tons of partying, lots of interaction with people you’ve never met, etc.

SacAnime was incredibly tame in comparison. People tended to keep to themselves a bit more. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; I found it pretty easy to get around from point A to point B due to the lack of “hyperness”, if I may make up a word.

The con, overall, was a great experience. Mainly because of the guests and attendees. The guests were extremely kind and humble, and the cosplayers were spectacular. It was cool seeing some people I saw at FanimeCon earlier this year. It’s a shame I made such a rookie mistake and did all the outdoor shots at 1200 ISO. Whoops! Thank goodness for RAW format! The majority of the photos turned out to be keepers regardless! 🙂

So, with all that said, I can’t express my excitement to share the photos with you all. I’ve got some great things planned for these photos that I hope you will enjoy!