The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been a huge success. With mixed reviews on certain, minor, subjective elements, the game overall reigns as a favorite to fans of the franchise.

It’s a dramatic departure from other Zelda games in more ways than one. This includes Breath of the Wild’s upcoming DLC. Aside from Hyrule Warriors, which is more of a re-skinned Dynasty Warriors than and actual Zelda game, Breath of the Wild is the first Zelda game to expand on itself via downloadable content. Let alone TWO DLC packs – one being released this summer, and one this winter.

With its open world and flexible gaming mechanics, the DLC has the potential to expand the already vast world. That being said, Nintendo has been relatively conservative with its DLC in most if its flagship titles – enabling new Amiibo features, adding new skins or character packs, and the like; nothing really stands out as additional story or expansive gameplay. So…what could Nintendo do with Breath of the Wild’s DLC?

DLC Pack 1

We already know our first DLC will include the “Cave of Trials” – a layered dungeon of challenges not unlike Twilight Princess’s Cave of Ordeals. We also know there will be some additional map features, but no real detail as to what that could be.

Some have speculated we could see new dungeons, towns, or areas. But knowing Nintendo, I’m taking that literally – map features. I expect something underwhelming here – perhaps an easier way to find shrines or Korok seeds outside of that annoying “beep”. At best, we could get a few new shrines and puzzles. Likely not much else.

DLC Pack 2

Breath of the Wild is expected to have an additional story added via the second round of DLC – but we don’t know much else besides that.

Some speculate Lurelin Villiage will be expanded upon. For those who don’t know, Lurelin Villiage is a small beach town in Breath of the Wild with nothing more than a few shops. No strong characters or noteworthy puzzles. Perhaps a secondary story line will take place here, and we will set sail into the ocean.

I’d be fine if this were the case, but would be slightly disappointed. The town is so small, so unless Nintendo vastly expands the area, I don’t see how this really adds much to the overall game.

Instead, I’d much prefer a world that exists after defeating Calamity Ganon. Right now, as with all recent Zelda games, when you beat Ganon, the story ceases to progress. You roll credits, and can load your latest save point and…well…defeat Ganon again, or go back into a world still dominated by Ganon. Yes, you keep all your goodies and can complete all those unfinished puzzles, but you’re essentially undoing your defeating Ganon.

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if the story just continued?! Ganon is defeated, Hyrule castle is in the midst of restoration, but for some reason, Ganon escapes. Or perhaps a new foe rises up.

What do I really think will happen?

I think the new story has something to do with a moment in the very last scene of the game…






At the end of the game, if you’ve completed the task of finding all your memories, you get a bonus scene. In this scene, you and Zelda are standing on a hill, looking over Hyrule Castle no longer possessed by Calamity Ganon. In the scene, Zelda mentions one of the divine beast Vah Ruta of the Zora domain has stopped working.

This leads me to believe the story will in fact continue after having defeated Ganon, however, I believe that Ganon or some other villainous character has taken control of a divine beast, or is destroying them one by one, and you will be forced to fight this foe without the help of the beasts – OR, you will be tasked with restoring their power, facing a series of bosses along the way.

IF THIS HAPPENS…I will be nothing more than thrilled. Not unlike the Witcher 3, Nintendo will have expanded upon a world, picking up where it left off, rather than adding to a story you’ve already played through. These layers of story have the potential to enrich the universe with emotion, heart, and most important of all, immersive gameplay.

What do you think?

Are you looking forward to Breath of the Wild’s DLC? What do you think they’ll do?

Leave a comment – I’m really curious to hear your theories.