David Crandall

Category: Current Events

Does Facebook know what I buy at the grocery store?
August 21, 2017

Have you ever searched for something on Amazon, only to notice dozens of ads for that very thing all over Facebook? Or perhaps you started shopping online somewhere, decided to not complete your purchase, then got an email from that site telling you there are still items in your cart. Or maybe you bought something at the grocery store, only to see that item you purchased advertised to you on Facebook that day. We're all concerned about our privacy...

The problem with Apple
October 30, 2016

For the last two decades, Apple has overcome a series of unwarranted hardships in acceptance. Apple was innovating - from the creation of the iMac, to the iPod, to the iPhone—basically, anything new with an "i" in front of it over the last 15 years you could almost guarantee was from Apple, and was something new, exciting and intuitive. Sure, while many of the things they did wasn't necessarily the first of its kind, it was always taking what...

Everything wrong with the new Macbook Pro
October 28, 2016

Apple just announced the new MacBook Pro in all its sexiness. It looks nice. It has features no other laptop has, like a touch screen interface just above the keyboard. It has the word "Pro". It let's you flaunt your high-income lifestyle while you sip your latte at your local coffee shop, because Starbucks stopped being cool once everyone started going there. But let's be honest. Something's wrong here. The MacBook Pro just doesn't seem worth...

How to stay safe online and avoid getting hacked
September 24, 2016

Over the last few years, it seems everyone's information is getting stolen. People's Yahoo accounts are getting hacked, their online banking passwords are being compromised, even ATM machines are being hacked to steal credit and debit card information. And with ransomware on the rise, it seems like there's no other option but to just burn all your devices in a fiery pit and switch back to good old pen and paper. But we're not Neanderthals. There's...