David Crandall

Month: August 2017

A quick note about my health
August 29, 2017

Hello friends, family, and people who may just stumble upon this post because they're scowering the googles and yahoos and alta vistas using the same keywords that are used on this post...greetings! I wanted to write a blog post about my current health situation, because things have been a bit scary, I've been pretty inactive on social media, and I've been working from home all week. So for those of you who are curious...here it goes... NOTE:...

Does Facebook know what I buy at the grocery store?
August 21, 2017

Have you ever searched for something on Amazon, only to notice dozens of ads for that very thing all over Facebook? Or perhaps you started shopping online somewhere, decided to not complete your purchase, then got an email from that site telling you there are still items in your cart. Or maybe you bought something at the grocery store, only to see that item you purchased advertised to you on Facebook that day. We're all concerned about our privacy...